We make equity investments that include start-up ventures requiring seed capital, businesses seeking finance for expansion, distressed companies in need of turnaround, and the development of our own projects.

Whether it is deploying an experienced management team to implement a turnaround, or utilising the group's expertise to develop a project, GdC's approach is to provide know-how and intellect that go beyond cash investments. 



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JPTE Engenharia


JPTE is an engineering, procurement and construction company founded in 1994.  It has now grown into an organization with more than 1,000 employees and 16 offices across Brazil. JPTE provides multidisciplinary services ranging from: engineering design, procurement and construction; installation; asset management, operation and maintenance; inspection services; project management and planning. JPTE with over 20 years of experience in the market has a solid track record of completing  projects in several sectors which include Oil & Gas, Mining, Power, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, amongst many others.

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Swala Oil & Gas PLC


Swala is the first oil and gas company to be listed on an East African stock exchange with assets in Tanzania and Burundi and an active growth programme in both Africa and elsewhere.

Swala's current exploration licences are the Kilosa-Kilombero licence in Tanzania and Block D in Burundi. Swala has a 75% participating interest in Kilosa-Kilombero and a 100% participating interest in Block D.

Swala has also become a shareholder of PanAfrican Energy Corporation, a Mauritius-registered company that owns PanAfrican Energy Tanzania Limited, which in turn holds the rights granted by the Government of Tanzania to explore, develop, market, produce and sell natural gas from the Songo Songo gas field in Tanzania, the associated infrastructure and distribution and marketing agreements with private sector and state enterprises.

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Africa Oilwell Technology

Sub-Saharan Africa

AOT is an oilfield services company that provides a wide range of products and services to the Oil & Gas industry. AOT is committed to investing in Africa, while delivering best-in-class service quality, and safety to its clients.

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Africa Power Technology

East Africa

Headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, APT is an independent power services company, meeting the needs of operators, indigenous companies, government and local partners in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. APT covers three core business segments; Power Generation, Product Support and Development. 



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GreenLine Technologies

Sub-Saharan Africa

Based in Luanda, Angola, Greenline Technologies is a Premier IT distributor and integrator covering the Sub-Saharan Africa region. A master provider of a wide range of IT business solutions, management solutions and managed services that caters to the ever-changing IT and business needs of the region.

With over 15 years of global experience and know-how of the full telecom development process, Greenline is a constant companion to its customers, assisting with:

  • Telecom site construction and installation (wireless transmission, security, software and web solutions)
  • Power systems and renewables energies
  • Equipment installation and commissioning
  • Fiber optic
  • Managed services and maintenance.

A complete portfolio, under a single hallmark

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Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, mSurvey is a mobile survey platform driving decision-making for businesses across Africa and the Caribbean. mSurvey works with well-known brands across the world; reducing churn, improving customer service, and increasing their Net Promoter Score. mSurvey solve the problem of customer service to market research, with a technology and team that have deep local reach. They open up communication lines between mSurvey's companies, their employees, and their customers. 

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Luminary Entertainment Inc


Luminary is a talent management agency representing the interests of eSport athletes. The agency helps athletes to build their brand image and cross-channel communications strategy. The aim is to enable success outside of the game. Luminary also supports the athletes with contract negotiations, sponsor management and monetisation strategies across streaming channels.



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Frutteto - Made in Italy, for the world


Frutteto is a 100% pure fruit frozen smoothie, free from dairy, gluten, refined sugars, preservatives and water. A vegan friendly snack produced and package in the heart of Italy, in its dedicated €1.5M state-of-the art manufacturing facility.

Unlike conventional ice-lollies, Frutteto freezes softly, giving it a very different texture. One of its unique characteristics is its ability to last at ambient temperatures for six months,  thus eliminating a cold supply chain. Frutteto aims to make food good again. 

It's not an ice cream, it's not a sorbet, it's... Frutteto!

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Gesteflora - Wood Transformation


A manufacturing plant located in Luanda, Angola, established to develop the industrialisation of local wood. Gesteflora transforms wood from sustainable forests in to decorative laminate.

The company was created with the vision of creating jobs, promoting local manufacturing and contributing towards the diversification of the country's exports.